Oneida County Wisconsin


Local Bee Supply Company
Hansen Honey Farm

More Bee Supply Companies
Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies
Honeybee Ware
Dadant and Sons Beekeeping Supplies
Brushy Mountian Bee Farm
Betterbee Inc

Groups and Associations
WI Milwaukee Waukesha Beekeepers Association

Wisconsin Honey Producers
American Beekeeping Federation
List of State Associations
The Honeybee Conservancy

WI Dane County Beekeepers Association

Sites, blogs, and Facebook pages with information about beekeeping
Bad Beekeeping  has an amazing list of bee related content. Take a look!
The Practical Beekeeper
The World of Beekeeping – Forums, Videos, & esp Info for Beginners
Bee and Honey Blog from Brookfield Farm (Washington State)

Bee Culture’s list of links
American Bee Journal’s list of Links

Installing Bee Packages

          Four days after Bee Package Installation


American Bee Journal
Bee Culture

Miscellaneous Sites and Articles Enjoy!
Elephants and Bees

Lot of beautiful bee pictures
High-Speed Video from inside a Beehive – watch the bees build a nest!

Bee Friendly Landscaping – good how-to article
Candle Connection – how to make your own candles
Bees Gathering Mysterious Red Goo – New York Times article
A New Movie on Amazon’s Stingless Bees – from the Bee Photographer, Eric Tourneret
Bees in Art (an art gallery inspired by bees!
Harvesting Honey from a Top Bar Hive Video
O’hare Becomes first US Airport to Host Bees

Online Webinar, PDF, and Video Resources
Brushy Mountain Webinar Library Highly Recomemmed for new and experienced beekeepers
Backyard Beekeeping Wonderful electronic book produced by the Alabama Extension
Building an Observation Hive

Don’t forget about your local UW Extension Office
State UW Extension Site
Oneida County UW Extension Site